About Us

Welcome to Delicieux Food & Wine Store

Delicieux Food & Wine Store engages in business in the nature of frozen food and wine service providing and retailing. We accumulate years of experience in sourcing high quality products to meet our customers’ need. We provide worldwide high quality products at remarkable prices such as premium frozen meats, marine products, wines and spirits, and various groceries products etc. Customers can enjoy one-stop shop either by visiting our retail shop in Central or ordering products from our website (www.delicieuxfood.com) and clicking “Shop” for our efficient home delivery service of worldwide food.


嚐味為一間提供食材及美酒的零售公司。我們累積了多年的採購經驗網羅世界各地的優質產品,以合理的價格提供予顧客以滿足顧客的需要。我們的產品包括頂級凍肉、海產、餐酒及烈酒、各式各樣的雜貨等。顧客可前往我們位於中環的店舖一站式選購需要的產品、或從我們的網站 www.delicieuxfood.com 選購,而我們亦會為顧客提供高效率的送貨服務,速遞優質環球美饌。